The Company Successfully Holds the 4th Regular Board Meeting for 2023
28 Dec 2023

On December 28, 2023, the Company held its 4th regular board meeting for 2023 in Hong Kong. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Yang He, Chairman of the Company. Mr. Zhu Chaoran, Board Secretary, presented a report on the Company's work summary for 2023 and the work plan for 2024.

In 2023, with the strong support of all shareholders and the concerted efforts of the Company's team, the Company actively sought resource expansion, enhanced overseas copper reserves, and made significant progress in the treasury system construction and the establishment of the shared finance center. The standardization of financial management was further improved. The Company strengthened its capital operations and investor relations. It organized over 100 investor relations events, the largest number in history. The events covered over 100 institutional investors, and the Company won the Jinge Award for "Outstanding IR Team of the Year". The Company also carried out solid work on related-party transactions, legal compliance services, and ensuring smooth business operations. It actively coordinated with international mining companies, conducted ESG research and exchanges, and successfully completed the Company's development initiatives in incremental projects in Zambia, the Kambove Deposit, and the Msesa Deposit.

In 2024, the Company will continue to tap into the potential of existing resources, steadily increase control over retained resources, seize key projects such as the expansion of the Southwest Ore Body of NFC Africa Mining PLC, coordinate construction efforts, fully implement the new development concept, improve the mechanisms for environment, social responsibility, and governance (ESG), enhance the level of ESG work, and ensure funding support, especially for key project construction and production operations. The Company will comprehensively improve financial management, especially the lean, intensive, and intelligent levels of fund management.

Directors of the Company attended the meeting in person or participated via telephone, and senior executives of the Company were also present at the meeting.