Strengthen The Construction Of Clean Government

In order to manage integrity matters more systematically and strengthen the supervision mechanism, the company has incorporated integrity construction into its planning, conducted internal supervision, and investigated and dealt with disciplinary cases. Each subsidiary company implements relevant management measures in accordance with the actual situation. For example, CNMC Africa Mining has established a special team to deal with illegal overseas investment and operations; CNMC Luxian's "Anti-Fraud Work Regulations" clearly clarifies the main responsibilities of the management in anti-fraud work. This includes, but is not limited to, establishing and promoting a corporate culture of integrity, as well as assessing fraud risks and establishing specific control procedures and mechanisms. Anti-fraud policies and procedures and related measures are also effectively communicated or trained at CNMC Luxian in various forms, such as employee handbooks, company rules and regulations, or bulletin boards to ensure that employees receive training on relevant laws, regulations, and professional ethics. , and make them understand the concepts involved in the code of conduct. In addition, we encourage employees to report inappropriate behaviors. The company and its subsidiaries have set up reporting email and telephone numbers, and specialized agencies are responsible for handling relevant complaints. If serious violations are discovered, they will be handed over to the judicial department.

In addition, the company adopts strict management measures for key anti-corruption links such as bidding and procurement, and clearly sets anti-corruption clauses in procurement contracts to ensure that the bidding process is open and transparent and to prevent all types of fraud. For example, Lualaba Copper Smelting has developed a strict avoidance system for specific related parties when selecting suppliers, and requires partners (including cooperative merchants in procurement, sales, transportation, and services) to proactively declare their purchases with Lualaba Copper Smelting through files. Personnel who have a certain relationship with employees in positions such as , sales and other positions will be avoided in business cooperation.

We have integrated integrity information into daily training. We regularly organize middle- and senior-level employees to learn anti-corruption policies and carry out activities such as integrity education and sincere talks to continuously enhance employees' awareness of integrity. During the reporting period, the company actively carried out anti-corruption-related training. The company implemented a clean government construction and anti-corruption meeting on January 27, 2022, with all directors of the company participating. Subsidiaries such as Chambishi Hydro Smelting also conduct anti-corruption education meetings for their directors and employees.