Occupational Health And Safety

The company's subsidiaries have compiled the "Production Safety Emergency Management Regulations", "Open Air Safety Management Regulations", "Road Safety Regulations", "Chemical Leak Emergency Response Plan", "Work Injury Accident Management Measures", and "Management of Labor Protection Supplies" in accordance with local laws and regulations. Measures", "Employee Physical Examination Management Measures" and "Occupational Safety and Health Management Measures" and other occupational health and safety related policies and emergency plans. The content of the system includes warning and notification of occupational disease hazards, annual routine medical testing for employees exposed to dust, education on occupational disease prevention and control, maintenance of protective equipment and facilities, hazard monitoring and evaluation, hazardous accident reporting and emergency rescue, etc.

At the same time, the company's subsidiaries set occupational health and safety goals and indicators to effectively manage the implementation of their occupational health and safety management systems. For example, the goals set by CNMC Luxian include but are not limited to complying with laws and regulations related to occupational health and safety, increasing the safety awareness of employees and contractors, reducing major traffic accidents, and reducing work-related injury mortality. We equip our employees with complete personal protective equipment based on the working environment, including head, respiratory, eye and face, ear, hand, foot, trunk, skin care, fall protection and other aspects of protection.

The company conducts regular inspections of equipment. At the same time, we educate employees on how to use personal protective equipment correctly, and require employees entering the production and construction area to wear relevant protective equipment. For example, the Chambishi Hydrometallurgy Association requires each workshop to continuously improve the labor conditions and working environment of employees, strengthen the management of ventilation and dust collection facilities, and ensure that the overall working environment is in good condition. The Safety Production Department will also regularly hire units with corresponding qualifications to monitor workplaces for dust, noise, acid mist, etc. The monitoring results will be announced to employees in a timely manner. If any non-conformity is found during monitoring, it must be rectified immediately.

In order to deal with possible personal injury accidents, we have clarified the responsibilities and division of labor of each department. If an accident occurs, we will carry out emergency rescue and first aid work as soon as possible, and require the accident to be reported to the person in charge of the mining area immediately. After receiving the report, the person in charge will , depending on the severity of the accident, the casualty statistics should be reported to the company and the consulate abroad within six to 24 hours. We will also set up an accident investigation team to identify the accident, analyze the cause of the accident and issue a report, and propose corrective measures to minimize the possibility.

The company continues to improve its occupational safety and health protection system, purchases social insurance, medical insurance and other commercial insurance for employees who meet the requirements, provides employees with health examinations every year, establishes health files, and is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for employees. During the reporting period, China National Nonferrous Metals Huaxin Wet Process formulated the "Regulations on Health Examination and Assessment Management of Chinese Employees" and arranged an annual physical examination for Chinese employees who have joined the company to ensure that the health examination rate of Chinese employees reaches 100%. At the same time, doctors from staff hospitals will be arranged to conduct regular on-site health monitoring of overseas employees and keep records.