Fulfill Environmental Responsibility

The company strictly implements a series of environmental management measures formulated by its controlling shareholder China Nonferrous Mining, including the "Environmental Protection Management Measures for Foreign Investment and Cooperation", "General Principles of Environmental Protection Risk Management" and "Contingency Plan for Environmental Emergencies", etc. The company's subsidiaries have established a safety and environmental protection department, which is responsible for daily environmental management and supervision, and assigns personnel and responsibilities to key areas to ensure full coverage of supervision and management. At the same time, we have divided environmental emergencies into three different levels and made corresponding emergency plans according to different levels to ensure timely response when emergencies occur and minimize negative impacts. In addition, the company continues to strengthen environmental inspections, focusing on the operation of pollution prevention and control equipment, and promptly and effectively rectifies any problems found.

In order to further promote green and sustainable development, prevent and reduce the adverse impact of production and operation activities on the environment and natural resources, and protect the ecological environment, Lualaba Copper Smelting has formulated the "Environmental Protection Management Measures" and other relevant internal policies to regulate the environment. We have made systematic plans for protection and management work, clarified management responsibilities, established environmental assessment rules, and made comprehensive plans for environmental emergencies; CNMC Luanshya has formulated a series of resource management methods, including the "Load Utilization Assessment Methods", The "Company's Auxiliary Vehicle Consumption Assessment Methods", "Energy Usage Management Measures", "Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Management System", "Energy Conservation Management Measures" and "Ecological Environmental Protection Management Measures" continue to promote the implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction goals.

Reduce the impact on environmental resources

In the "Ecological and Environmental Protection Management Measures", China Luxian stipulates that when developing land for construction projects, it must minimize the significant impact on the environment and natural resources. The construction project will first conduct a project feasibility study report or pre-feasibility study report, which needs to discuss the compliance with Zambia's laws and regulations on ecological and environmental protection, and demonstrate and analyze the factors that may cause changes in the surrounding environment and propose Prevention. At the same time, China Luxian will meet Zambia’s environmental planning requirements when constructing projects, and the construction site will not involve legally designated nature reserves, scenic spots, drinking water source reserves and other areas that require special protection. When building a new project on newly purchased land, an environmental background value survey will be conducted and filed with the Zambian environmental authorities. Construction projects will be strictly controlled and implemented in Zambia's environmental impact assessment system to ensure that project development can also reduce the impact on environmental resources.