Give Back To The Society Wholeheartedly

The company has been actively fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities and giving back to the society through different forms of community welfare activities. Each subsidiary company will establish "External Donation Management Measures" based on the needs of the community where the project is located and the company's actual situation to standardize the principles, types, channels, approval processes, supervision and management of public welfare donations. We will formulate a detailed external donation plan at the beginning of the year, including the reasons for donation, objects, channels, budget amounts, etc., and summarize the actual completion status at the end of the year to strengthen management. The company actively participates in social welfare donation activities within its capabilities, and has established friendly relationships with local people and social groups, providing a good external environment for the company's operations.

Our community welfare work mainly includes improving community infrastructure and improving community medical and health conditions. We have helped build new water wells in some project areas, repaired and renovated public facilities in communities, hospitals and farmers' markets, helped local power bureaus repair circuits, repair roads, and prevent and treat diseases such as AIDS and malaria. At the same time, we actively support local education, build school buildings for schools, provide educational subsidies for poor students, and donate books and stationery to orphanages. In addition, we also donate funds on important festivals, such as Youth Day, Women's Day, Labor Day, Teachers' Day, World Environment Day, etc., and continue to contribute to local public welfare.

At the same time, the company actively assists the China-Zambia Friendship Hospital affiliated to its controlling shareholder in epidemic prevention and control; actively organizes employees to conduct COVID-19 case screening, vaccination and treatment; actively participates in the formulation of COVID-19 treatment plans for the China-Zambia Friendship Hospital, and continues to Make effective efforts to prevent and control the epidemic.