Continuous Compliance Operations
Item 1

In order to comply with the relevant regulations and requirements of the Hong Kong Company Ordinance, the Stock Exchange's Listing Rules and other relevant regulations, we have formulated a series of internal management systems, including the "Rules of Procedure for the Shareholders' Meeting, Board of Directors and President's Office Meeting of China Nonferrous Mining Co., Ltd.", " "China Nonferrous Mining Co., Ltd.'s Shareholders' Meeting and Board Management Rules", "China Nonferrous Mining Co., Ltd.'s Internal Control Management Manual" and "China Nonferrous Mining Co., Ltd.'s Legal and Compliance Management Guidelines", etc., to clarify the detailed rules of corporate governance.

Item 2

Our board of directors has a nomination committee, a remuneration committee, a compliance committee and an audit committee, which are respectively responsible for managing and maintaining the structure of the board of directors, the rights and interests of directors and senior management personnel, sustainable development compliance and corporate compliance operations. At the same time, the company has established a compliance officer/corporate general counsel and a legal and compliance affairs department to better align with the legal systems of Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and ensure that our overseas production and operation activities comply with local laws and regulations.